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James Franklin explains why the tendencies you're worried about aren't always a bad thing

With a few games firmly in the rearview mirror for nearly every football program in the country, most coaches are looking back at their game day play calls to figure out their own tendencies, knowing that defensive coordinators are doing the same.

As coaches, we all pour a ton of time into self-scouting ourselves to be aware of, and to try and combat, our own patterns and tendencies. For the most part, we view them as a bad thing, but there's another way to look at it.

James Franklin shared as his post practice presser yesterday that those tendencies we're all worried about, aren't always a negative. Pick the clip up at about the 3-minute mark.

"There's always tendencies that you have, offense, defense, special teams. Tendencies aren't always a bad thing. It means you're good at some things, but then there are also some things where you fall into some patterns that you want to tweak some things and disguise."

"Whether it's running a play out of a certain formation, or defensively, whether you're tipping things by always running a pressure to the 3-technique side, or the shade or whatever it may be, we look at those things.

Franklin notes that it's also important that to have fresh eyes on things, and to reach out and have conversations with other guys that have broken what you do down with your past opponents as well.

Hear more of Franklin's thoughts in the clip below.