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James Franklin explains why he doesn't just shoot down the USC rumors for good

Asked why he doesn't just shoot down the USC rumors with a "No," James Franklin shares that he's been in this situation before a few times, and feels like he's found the right way to deal with media speculation about other jobs.

A simple "No. I'm not interested in any other job," is all that head coaches have to say in order to squash job speculation rumors that their name gets attached to in the media.

However, for reasons that could include leverage in contract negotiations, that is almost never stated.

So when reporters initially asked James Franklin about the rumors connecting him to the new opening at USC and his response was about how he plans to handle all of that internally, it leaves a lot open to interpretation.

After practice last night, Franklin was asked point blank why he doesn't just say "No" to the rumors connecting him to the Trojans. 

"I have. I have," Franklin starts off by saying.

As someone that has dealt with his fair share of rumors connecting him to other jobs over the years, he feels like he's found an approach that works for him.

"But I have also found and tracked this over time, that really, no matter what you say, people aren't happy with it. So I've just decided that I am going to handle this internally and talk to our team. It happens every single year."

"I'm not worried about distractions in the media and with the fans. I'm worried about my team. So I have talked with my staff about it. I've talked with players about it. and our leadership council, in detail, but I think that is the best approach."

Then asked what he will say when recruits ask about it this weekend as they host a bunch of players for their game against Auburn, Franklin shared:

"We will address it with the recruits as well. My conversations with the recruits, and my conversations with my team, we will have. Then I know you will call every one of them and ask what I said, but I'll have those conversations with them."

"But again, having conversations with the media or anyone else, I'm concerned about my team and my future team."

See Franklin's full response in the clip.