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James Franklin gave Joe Moorhead the biggest stamp of approval a coordinator moving on can receive

If you're a coordinator looking to impress your head coach and move on to eventually lead a program of your own one day, you should take note of what James Franklin had to say about his outgoing offensive coordinator Joe Moorhead.

The remark came when Mississippi State athletic director John Cohen asked Franklin if Moorhead could coach defense. Here's was his response, according to Bob Carskadon.

If you're a coordinator that has the rare skill set and knowledge to switch to the other side of the ball, and your head coach believes you "wouldn't miss a beat," that is remarkable. That comment surely has to rank up there among the best possible things an AD could hear from your boss regarding your candidacy for a head coaching job.

Granted, Moorhead had a highly successful run as a head coach at Fordham (FCS - NY), but that's still a heck of a stamp of approval.

Keep that in mind this off season as you attend clinics and talk to other coaches. Invest some time in learning about the offensive side of the ball too, so when an AD with a head coaching opening asks a similar question to your head coach, he can confidently say something similar to help you land the job.

(In case you didn't see it, Joe Moorhead isn't exactly shy about his confidence in being able to win big at Mississippi State either)