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James Franklin pranks team by switching places with Key from "Key and Peele"

You've seen Key and Peele's popular (and hilarious) East / West College Bowl skit, as well as a number of their other hilarious skits, but you've never seen comedian Keegan-Michael Key in a role quite like this.

For homecoming week, James Franklin decided to prank the team, and switched places with Key during a team meeting. Key, a master of impersonations, is a PSU alum who was back in town to serve as the Homecoming Grand Marshal.

It took all of two seconds for the players to realize that it was no longer their head coach addressing them, but Key kept the act alive and did a pretty spot on impression of James Franklin, right down to his handshake.

Enjoy this one, it's hilarious.

The real challenge is going to be not spending the rest of your Friday work day searching YouTube for more Key and Peel videos. Good luck with that.

(H/T Josh Gattis for the video)