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James Franklin responds to Texas A&M rumor

The posturing has already begun.

Texas A&M is 4-2 and may very well be on its way to an 8- or 9-win season. (They may also not be on their way to eight or nine wins but, still, the possibility exists.) It's a known fact that A&M officials are happy to let Kevin Sumlin twist in the wind -- at worst. It's not surprising that some in college football would try their best to take advantage of that reality.

On Thursday, Dennis Dodd published a story for CBS Sports stating that Penn State was preparing for the Aggies to make a run at James Franklin. Franklin, Dodd noted, has a buyout of only $2 million should he wish to leave State College.

Franklin posted a Tweet on Friday morning stating attempting to clarify he is happy where he is. However, we can think of a few words he didn't say....

So, that doesn't really say much. We'll keep you posted on anything else we hear on The Scoop.