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Jay Bilas shares how social media and today's society have changed the coaching profession

Over the weekend, I came across this quote from Jay Bilas from @CoachWithLove that is a great reminder for the entire coaching profession on how things have changed in the past few decades for coaches.

Read what Bilas has to say and take it in, because there is a ton of truth in it that we all need to learn to adapt to.

We can all reflect back on our days as players and how things were dramatically different than they are for players today. The days of telling players to "play through the pain" of injuries, or what a coach "says in the locker room stays in the locker room"are quickly dying.

Whether you agree with the changes or not, coaching kids today is much different than it was when we all played the game, and those that want a future in coaching will learn to adapt (and continue to adapt in the decades to come), while others who refuse to change will risk being left behind.