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Jeff Brohm signs new 7-year contract at Purdue

Purdue is really pleased with Jeff Brohm's first two seasons as the Boilermakers' head coach, and you can tell because they've handed him more money after each season. After signing a 6-year deal worth $19.8 million upon his arrival from Western Kentucky following the 2016 season, Brohm led Purdue to a 7-6 season with a win in the Foster Farms Bowl, the program's best year since 2011 and earned a 2-year extension, keeping him under contract through 2024 and guaranteeing him $29 million in compensation.

A year later, Brohm has a new new contract. After taking Purdue to a second straight bowl game, humiliating Ohio State on ABC's Saturday Night Football and, most importantly, fending off the Louisville Cardinals' talons to remain in West Lafayette, Brohm now has a 7-year contract worth $36.8 million.

That deal, according to documents obtained by the Lafayette Journal & Courier, will pay him an annual salary starting at $4.2 million plus:

-- a $300,000 retention bonus, retroactive to Dec. 31, 2018
-- a $1.7 million signing bonus, split evenly between 2019 and 2020
-- a $400,000 retention bonus for completing the 2019 season

If you include the 2018 retention bonus, Brohm is set to earn $5.75 million in 2019, according to the math posted above.

This, from the that was the last in the Big Ten to pay its head coach less than a million dollars a year, in 2012.

Brohm's annual salary tops out at $5.3 million in 2024, and averages $5.26 million over the life of the contract when including the $3.6 million in retention bonuses.

Additionally, Brohm's assistant salary pool increases to $4.35 million, up from the $3.5 million he was originally given to pay his assistants. His staff pay breaks out as follows:


2018 Salary

2019 Salary


Nick Holt (co-DC/LBs)



$25,000 (4%)

Anthony Poindexter (co-DC/Ss)



$10,000 (2.2%)

Brian Brohm (co-OC/QBs)



$10,000 (2.4%)

JaMarcus Shepard (co-OC/WRs)



$10,000 (2.4%)

Greg Brown (CBs)*



$90,000 (28.1%)

Reggie Johnson (DL)



$10,000 (4.2%)

Dale Williams (OL)



$10,000 (4.2%)

Chris Barclay (RBs)



$20,000 (8.7%)

Kevin Wolthausen (DEs/STC)



 $10,000 (4.4%)

Greg Brohm (Chief of Staff)



$10,000 (4.3%)


$3.4 million

$3.605 million

$205,000 (6%)