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Jeff Brohm's decision to remain at Purdue led to a Louisville school cancelling classes

We're all well aware of just how crazy college football fandom can get...especially this time of year.

Well, last night, following Jeff Brohm's decision to pass on the head coaching opportunity at his alma mater Louisville, electing instead stay at Purdue, someone directed a threat at Trinity HS (KY) - which also happens to be Brohm's high school alma mater.

In their official release cancelling classes, the Trinity noted:

Trinity officials were notified by police of a threat against the school due to Jeff Brohm deciding to remain at Purdue.

While police investigate the threat classes are canceled and offices are closed on Thursday, Nov. 29.

Here's a screenshot of the threat.

So while folks were celebrating in West Lafayette, one fan found it necessary to threaten a school that Brohm hasn't attended in nearly thirty years.

I know there are plenty of reasons that people refer to this time of year as the "silly season," but that's beyond uncalled for.