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Jeremy Pruitt has unplugged the music from Tennessee's practices, and explains why

During the Butch Jones era of Tennessee football, music would blare during practices, just as it does at many high school, college and NFL practices around the country. With Jeremy Pruitt now in charge of the Vols in Knoxville, music at practice is a distant memory.

Knox News points out that one of the reasons behind the change is because there's no music during games. So, since the goal of practice is to ultimately prepare players for games, why should the learning environment be any different?

Pruitt also shared how important it is that his coaching, and the coaching points of his staff are heard clearly, especially during spring ball when the time with them is limited.

"I like to coach, and I like for the people to be able to hear me when I do coach," Pruitt said after practice yesterday.

"We only have 20 hours in a week where we can coach them, so I darn sure don’t want music out there where they can’t hear what I’m saying.”

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