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The Jets managed to score 10 points with no time running off the clock yesterday

Go ahead and mark this one down as the type of thing you only see once a decade or so.

After kicking a field goal against the Buffalo Bills to go up 23-3, the New York Jets kicked off, and the ball sailed and hit the 15 yard line right on the numbers. Seems pretty routine right?

As the ball approached the end zone and sat on the goal line, things got interesting. One Bills player was in perfect position fall on it and save a touchback, but instead backed away...perhaps thinking once it crossed the plane of the end zone it would be whistled a touchback, as is the case in many state high school rules around the country.

But as most of us realize, that's a live ball. Jets players also realized this and acted quickly to capitalize on the bone-headed move, jumping on the ball in the end zone for a rare defensive touchdown on a kickoff.

Since the clock doesn't run in the NFL until a player on the receiving team touches the ball (and - clearly - no one did), the Jets added another 7 points onto their previous possession's field goal following the extra point, meaning that they effectively scored a total of 10 points in an NFL game without a single second running off the clock.

See the recovered kickoff in the clip, and be sure your guys on special teams are aware of the crazy things like this that happen, and can sometimes be the difference between a win and a loss.