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Jim Harbaugh and Art Briles are quickly becoming besties

Jim Harbaugh and Art Briles. Both men rose to their current positions through unconventional paths -- Harbaugh as a 15-year NFL quarterback, Briles as a two-decade Texas high school coach. Perhaps in relation to that, both men make a trip every Sunday to their local grocer to replenish their stocks of chips to place on their respective shoulders.

And both men believe, in their America, you're allowed to cross state borders.

Briles made the trek to Ann Arbor last week for Michigan's camp.

And now Harbaugh and his staff will return the favor this summer.

Not surprisingly, Briles doesn't have an issue with Harbaugh's spring break trip to Florida, telling ESPN's Max Olson: "We're in a little bit different situation being in Texas, to where we don't have to be quite as dramatic. There are so many athletes here, and in Michigan, there's not. That's the difference, I think."

Here's hoping Harbaugh and Briles bunk together in Waco, while stacking their beds on top of each other. So much more room for activities.