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Jim Harbaugh fires back at complaints from the SEC with a single, simple Twitter question


Jim Harbaugh isn't the type of guy that stays quiet in the face of controversy. It's one of the many reasons to like the guy.

So it should come as no surprise that a day after SEC commissioner Greg Sankey publicly objected to Harbuagh's plans to take his Michigan squad South to Florida for a few days of spring practices during their spring break, Harbaugh seems to have issued a respnse of his own. According to Sankey (and a number of others have voiced their support over the past day or so), student athletes shouldn't be required to practice during their planned spring break, and enough is already expected of them in regards to practice time.

Yesterday we asked if practice time is really the issue at hand, or if it's more about another Big Ten school finding a way around NCAA rules to encroach on the fertile recruiting territory of the SEC.

Well timed, Harbaugh offered up this tweet this afternoon.

Jim Harbaugh never tweeted as head coach of the 49ers, but at Michigan, we get stuff like this. God bless college football.