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Jim Harbaugh is featured in a new rap video: "Who's got it better than us?"

Jim Harbaugh has made headlines throughout the off season for being entertaining and innovative, so when word broke late last night that he appeared in a newly released rap video, most people weren't exactly surprised, but it's something that is absolutely captivating.

The song, by an artist known as Bailey, is inspired by the Harbaugh family's Who's Got It Better Than Us? Nobody! catchphrase and the video is clearly inspired by Michigan with much of the video filmed in Ann Arbor. Harbaugh can be seen in it after games with Bailey during the 2015 season, at the 50-yard line of the practice facility yelling the hook to the song, and driving a Lambo down the tunnel onto the field at the Big House.

In all honesty, the video and music aren't all that bad.

Take a look for yourself. This here is peak off season folks. We're less than 50 days from kickoff.