Jim Harbaugh is bringing Ric Flair to Michigan's Signing Day party

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Remember a couple weeks back when we officially inducted Jim Harbaugh into the Tyson Zone?

For those unaware, the Tyson Zone is a term used to define when a person reaches a certain point where any possible act attributed to them is instantly believable due to just how far out there the person has become. Like inviting Ric Flair to your Signing Day party.


Harbaugh and the Nature Boy go way back, according to MLive, with the coach flying Flair to Wisconsin to speak to the 49ers before a playoff game at Green Bay (a 23-20 Niners win, by the way).

Michigan's Signing Day event, by the way, is an invite-only event that will be streamed live on Derek Jeter's website The Players' Tribune.

Also attending, according to MLive:

  • Former Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson
  • Former NFL head coach Mike Shanahan
  • Former Michigan offensive lineman Jon Jansen
  • Texas Rangers pitcher Derek Holland
  • NASCAR driver Brad Keslowski
  • Former coach/ESPN analyst Lou Holtz
  • Former Michigan football player and musician Joe Kennedy
  • Heisman Trophy winner Desmond Howard
  • ESPN analyst Todd McShay
  • Actress Jessica Szohr
  • Musician Josh Gracin

Again, we're all living in the Harbaugh Zone, and let's hope we stay here as long as possible.