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Jim Harbaugh went out to Bo Schembechler's grave last night for a rivalry tradition

Michigan vs. Ohio State rivalry week is upon us, and it's not a true rivalry without some sort of odd tradition. Last night, Jim Harbaugh took part in a Michigan tradition with a trip out to the legendary Bo Schembechler's grave site.

Once there, he pulled out a maize hammer and placed a buckeye nut on a small blue tile, and then smashed the hell out of it with one swing.

Jim Harbaugh also smashed a buckeye with a maize hammer at the foot of Bo Schembechler's grave:

— Derick Hutchinson (@Derick_Hutch) November 25, 2015

And that's not all...

From the sounds of it, past Michigan head coaches have done the same, but this time someone accompanying Harbaugh on the trip got it on cell phone video.

It sure would be cool to see Urban Meyer offer some sort of video response to this, but I won't hold my breath.