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Jim Harbaugh's pants literally caught fire against Penn State

Harbaugh got a little too close to a space heater this past weekend and nearly burned one pant leg off at the knee before a player stepped in to tell him he was on fire.

The weather forecast for Michigan's game this past Saturday in Happy Valley against Penn State called for cloudy skies, 41 degrees, and right around 50% chance of rain.

To keep Wolverines on the sideline warm, Michigan had some space heaters on the sideline, which led to an interesting wardrobe situation for Jim Harbaugh that exposed the base layer he was wearing underneath.

In the first half of action, Harbaugh apparently got too close to a space heater on the sideline and emerged with pants that were nearly melted off at the knee, hanging by a few threads on the back.

See the pictures below.

Today, Harbaugh offered up the full story of what happened to Brad Galli of WXYZ Detroit.

"It was early in the game, Roman Wilson was on the bench and I just went in to ask him about the previous route that he had run," Harbaugh shared. "I was just coaching him and then all of a sudden Daylen Baldwin says 'Coach, your pants are on fire.'"

"I went 'Huh?' 'Your pants are on fire,' and I look down, and my pants are on fire."

"I made a little coaching point to if someone is on fire man, maybe just grab me and get me out of the way or something. Be a little bit more emphatic about the fact that someone is on fire."

Harbaugh went on to share those Lululemon pants are expensive, so he plans to hold onto them as a memento of sorts, and maybe make them into shorts.

For those curious, he came out in the second half with a brand new set of burn-free pants.

I, for one, am very thankful that the Wolverines are a top-10 team and have just one loss at this point of the year, otherwise the "hot seat" jokes after this incident would be unbearable.