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Jim Knowles: There seems to be too many coaches slipping away in the middle of the night

Jim Knowles knew leaving Oklahoma State would be difficult, so he took an unconventional approach in leaning on his players to talk about everything from contract negotiations to the opportunity at Ohio State.

Jim Knowles leaving Oklahoma State to take over the Buckeyes struggling defense will be on the top hires of the college football off season, looking back on it.

Knowles sat down with reporters for an in-depth conversation yesterday, and revealed some really interesting nuggets on everything from what makes his scheme so stingy, to the decision to leave Oklahoma State.

While sharing a bit about his defensive philosophy , Knowles shares that the beauty of his defense is presenting limited looks.

Or at least that's the he wants it to look for offensive coordinators.

"We want to create two or three simple pictures, that when you look at it, or the offensive coordinator looks at it, they're not able to tell what is going to happen, and we have the ability to really do anything out of that same picture, or that look."

Last year, at Oklahoma State, Knowles' defense led the country in sacks and ranked near the top nationally in third down conversion percentage.

When it comes to actually teaching the scheme, Knowles has been known to make things fun and competitive. One of the many ways he's done that is by utilizing game show formats to quiz his guys on their understanding of the defense.

"We compete by position and I take the winners to dinner and those kinds of things. It also holds them accountable to their teammates, so at any time while I am teaching, everything is interactive, so during my presentation a picture can pop up and within 2.5 seconds, they have to stand up and answer a question. Otherwise it's 'Nope. Sit down. The play is over."

"We just keep them on their toes, and keep them locked in and engaged that way."

When asked about the decision to leave Stillwater, Knowles explains how his decision making process in coming to the conclusion to take the Buckeyes gig wasn't like what we seem to see with a lot of coaches today.

"There's a lot of talk with different people, there's a lot of introspection. For me, there was a lot of communication with the players. I really involved those guys a lot at Oklahoma State. I probably took a bit of an unconventional path with that because I really shared with them everything that was going on like they were my sons like contract negotiations and things like that."

"I think there is too much of coaches kind of slipping away in the middle of the night, so I involved my current players at Oklahoma State and the leadership group there, and we talked so that when I made a decision, they understood why."

See more from Knowles in the clip.