The college football offseason reached peak schadenfreude when a photo of a person many thought resembled Jim McElwain naked on top of a shark hit the Internet. It wasn’t McElwain — it was actually, reportedly, a former New York City police officer — but the Florida head coach never saw the humor in it.

He forcefully denied it was him back in May.

The subject, naturally, came up again as McElwain took his turn at the podium at SEC Media Days Tuesday, and McElwain failed to see the humor in the alleged resemblance he shares with the actual shark man.

Watch each answer with the sound off and you’ll see the seriousness of the situation in McElwain’s facial expressions. And, really, who can blame him? A naked man photographed on top of a shark is humorous, in poor taste, but humorous, until it’s your employer’s turn to field questions about it and your family’s name in the news reports.

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