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Here's what really happened in Miami during the Incognito/Martin incident of 2013


Simply saying the name of former embattled Miami Dolphins offensive linemen Richie Incognito or Jonathan Martin is bound to stir up memories of media coverage and locker room issues from the 2013 season.

The names of Cognito and Martin and the the other Dolphins weaved into the bullying/hazing/locker room situation that played out through the media last year is still fresh to many. However, the story that didn't get told was the side of a man who was there for it all; Dolphins offensive line coach Jim Turner.

Turner ended up losing his job with the Dolphins organization on the heels of the allegations being lobbed between two of his offensive lineman, and has spent this season out of coaching altogether, hoping to eventually make his way back into the profession that had treated him so well, for so long.

Just a few short years ago Turner was on top of his game, starting as a high school assistant who eventually climbed the ranks of college football (Texas A&M, Delaware, Harvard, Temple) and reached the height of his career as an NFL position coach when he became part of the Miami offensive staff under former A&M head coach Mike Sherman. Those that know Turner know he's a quality man of high character, with a coaching pedigree to match.

Many have moved on since the incident, but as we all know, there is more than one side to every story. While we missed it at first, last week Turner joined the Mike and Mike Show to share his perspective on the incident.

Not surprisingly, it's very different than the picture that the media painted.

Turner's resulting interview is absolutely fascinating, taking you inside of the meeting rooms at the Dolphins facility, talking about the chemistry of his position group, and overall just providing the type of insight that you simply can't get through any media outlet.

Listen to his full account in the two clips below. In the end, Turner admits a few things he could have done differently, but he's a man that knows that he was doing what he felt was genuinely right at the time, and given the chance, would likely do it the exact same way.

Hopefully this opportunity helps to clear the record, and his name, and we see him back on a sideline with a team/program for the 2015 season. He deserves that much.