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Jimbo Fisher addresses "persistent rumors" by doubling down on his comments about staying with Aggies

"Persistent rumors" have linked Jimbo Fisher to the opening at LSU, but those should end today with his comments today stating his love and confidence with what is being built at A&M.

Jimbo Fisher has publicly stated his love for Texas A&M, the recruiting class he and his staff are bringing in, the administration that is in place, and everything about his current role, but none of it has been enough to quiet the rumors linking him to one opening in particular - LSU.

With former A&M athletic director Scott Woodward, who lured Jimbo away from Florida State to A&M with a monster contract, "persistent rumors" remained linking him to the opening in Baton Rouge.

Jimbo took the podium today and doubled down on his love for what they are building in College Station when asked about those "persistent rumors."

"I've told everybody that I am staying here and I have told everybody that I plan to be the coach at A&M."

"Everybody thinks that all coaches lie. I know you all don't believe us, and that's why we don't trust ya'll," Fisher joked.

"We are going to recruit as good a I've said the other things; I plan on being here, I love the AD, I love the president, I love the chancellor, I love living here, I love the ranch, I family loves it here, I love Kyle Field, I love the people...I love all that stuff. That's obviously not good enough.

"We are going to recruit an unbelievable class here this year, so I am either the dumbest human being on God's earth who is going to recruit all these guys to A&M so I can go across, over here, and play against them."

"If I did that, you ought to say 'That's the dumbest human being ever and I don't want him to be my coach.'"

Jimbo wrapped up by slamming the door on future rumors and making it clear where he plans to be.

"I ain't going anywhere. I don't wanna be nowhere else. I love being right here."