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Jimbo Fisher explains why they haven't progressed to evaluating size and speed yet at Texas A&M

As coaches everywhere embrace a new team every year and new evaluations take place, and that's especially true for guys that are taking over new programs.

Jimbo Fisher shared with the Houston Chronicle part of their evaluation process in College Station, and interestingly enough, Fisher and his staff haven't gotten to the point where they're interested in evaluating heights and weights. Jimbo shared that players are just now getting to a point where they understand the new changes in scheme.

Even eight months after being on the job, for Fisher and his staff, they're still in the beginning stages of evaluating players.

“Our evaluation of the players is still in the raw stage. It’s not athleticism or size or speed. We’ve got good athletes. But it’s about how they play football.”

Coaches that have coached long enough have seen guys that look really good in spring ball, but fall camp rolls around and the games mean something and the guys who had a great off season don't always translate to the guys you want on the field for whatever reason. That's why Fisher and his staff are more concerned with finding the guys that can play ball first and foremost - especially with the championship expectations that the administration hasn't been shy about sharing.

Fisher ended the piece by noting that they're not focused on just winning on game days.

“I tell our players we’re not going to just try and win on Saturday,” he said. “We’re going to win Monday through Friday.”

Head here to read the full piece with more thoughts from Jimbo, including his analogy on how the learning process is like driver's education.