Jimbo Fisher explains the real story behind that now famous Christmas tree outside his home

Last week, as rumors seemed to reach a fever pitch surrounding Jimbo Fisher leaving Florida State for a monster deal at Texas A&M, Florida State beat writer Wayne McGahee shot off a simple tweet that added gasoline to the fire.

It didn’t take long for the tweet to go viral with speculation aplenty. Looking back on it now, we know that it was only a matter of hours until word officially came from Jimbo that he was heading to Aggieland.

So while on The Dan Patrick show today, Jimbo explained the story behind how he told Florida State officials that he was leaving (beginning at about the 4:30 mark), and a little while later (the 6:22 mark), the topic of the tree came up.

“Well what that was, I had no idea that the guys that come to put my Christmas tree up that week, they got it out, said it was broke. So what happened was it was broke, and I put a new one up.”

“They said they’d get rid of the other one, so I said ‘okay,’ and they set it on the curb to be picked up. That is what it was. There’s a new Christmas tree in my house, and it’s still in my house.”

Fisher went on to explain that the tree was over ten years old, and the guys that put it up said that he needed a new one.

Well, Now we’ve got that settled…

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