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Jimbo Fisher explains why he and his staff have been able to step in an recruit the best of the best right away at Texas A&M

Along with all the resources Texas A&M has at their disposal, College Station is really centrally located to some of the top talent in Texas and the surrounding hotbeds of high school football.

But there's another reason why Jimbo Fisher and his staff have been able to come in and recruit some of the best players in the country right off the bat. Sure, some of it has to do with Fisher and his staff's background, what he was able to accomplish at Florida State, the monster contract he signed and the high expectations that come along with it, but Fisher lists one other thing as well - technology.

About a decade ago, a new staff would come in and have to get their bearings a bit more, which sometimes took a year or two before they're recruiting the top guys they want, than many do today. The ability to instantly connect with guys has changed the game, Fisher shared.

According to 247, the Aggies currently rank 3rd in the 2019 recruiting rankings behind only Georgia and Alabama. Pretty dang good for a staff in the first 8 months or so on the job.

NCAA rules that once prohibited the use of technology and social media in recruiting before have now become a huge advantage for new staffs like Jimbo's.

"The world today is so different, because of the accessibility that you have with communication with social media. Being able to get to people and have people get to know you, whether you're texting or whatever you're allowed to do electronically."

"Back in the day it took so much time because you couldn't communicate. I say this all the time. When you recruited a player and you called home and got mamma, 'Hey is he home,' 'No, he's down the road at Johnny's,' or 'he's over here with Bob.' Then you called the coach, and if he wasn't at one of those two places, think about it, you couldn't talk to him. Then if you weren't by a phone."

"Now, you're sitting in a meeting and a kid texts you, you can text him back. Then all of a sudden he calls you. That has opened things up to where things can be done much quicker."

Hear more from Jimbo in the clip.