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Jimbo Fisher was not a fan of the office he inherited from Kevin Sumlin at Texas A&M

Down in Texas, and throughout the south, Dave Campbell's Texas Football magazine is a staple, and when it is finally released you can see pictures of its cover circulate around Twitter for a week or so as excited coaches get their hands on it.

This year's issue features $75 million man Jimbo Fisher on one of the covers.

In Fisher's interview within the magazine, he minces no words about not being a fan of the office he inherited from Kevin Sumlin.

"It's like a damn nightclub in here. This ain't gonna be my office," Fisher told the magazine.

Video and images of Sumlin's office from his time in Aggieland have proven difficult to come across, but I've seen a few reports that the carpet was dark and the walls were black, and judging from the facility tour that they pushed out a few years ago, there's plenty of dark colors and elements that it doesn't take a huge imagination to see that Jimbo Fisher wouldn't be a fan of.

This clip is from two weeks ago, and shows like the colors in the office have been lightened up a bit.