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Jimbo Fisher on coaching in the NFL: "I never say never."


Jimbo Fisher is 58-11 in his five seasons at Florida State, including 39-3 in his last three seasons, 29-1 in his last 30 contests and a winner of his last 24 regular season games. He's also turned his last three starting quarterbacks into first-round draft picks and produced more first-rounders than some entire conferences. So in a world where Doug Marrone can turn a 25-25 stay at Syracuse into an NFL head coaching job, it makes total sense that Fisher would draw interest from NFL teams.

And, according to Jimbo Fisher, NFL teams are and have been interested in Jimbo Fisher.

“I’ve had people inquire that if I’d be interested, through agents and stuff like that,” Fisher told Pro Football Talk on Tuesday. “And it’s just not something that I’ve jumped on right away.”

As always, take these self-reported, after-the-fact job inquiries with a grain of salt. I'll let EDSBS spell it out for me.

Fisher said he enjoys living in Tallahassee, recently joined college football's $5 million club and, in his words, "I love being able to get three or four first-round picks in a class instead of only picking one." Still, he hasn't ruled it out.

“I never say never,” Fisher said. “I’m not one of those guys that that’s my end-all ambition. But in this business you never say never. I’ve had some opportunities to go up in the NFL and I’ve chosen not to do it, as coordinators and coaches — not as a head coach, I’ve had some people inquire. But it’s not a driving force to me to do that, not saying I wouldn’t ever do it, because you’ll never know in this business. But I love being a college football coach."