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Jimbo Fisher on how to get ahead in recruiting: "10 minutes with me is equal to watching six hours of film"

The THSCA convention is going on in Texas as we speak, and just to put into perspective how important the event is to college head coaches in-state, I'd like to share this tweet from Baylor's Matt Rhule he sent after a rough start to his morning earlier today.

Nothing - not even a stolen car - is keeping coaches like Rhule away from the event where the leaders of some of the best high school talent in Texas have flocked to in droves. At the event, Tim Verghese sat in on a talk by Texas A&M's Jimbo Fisher talking about what is important to him in quarterback play, and Jimbo shared the following nugget. "10 minutes with me is equal to watching six hours of film," Jimbo explained while talking about how he evaluates quarterbacks at camps they run and how important those camps are to the evaluation process for college coaches everywhere. "You can only evaluate him so much, because you don't know what he's being told. What is he being coached to do? He didn't make that read? Well maybe he's never been told that or shown that." "You can judge physical skills - arm talent, legs, speed, and things like that, but the big thing for me is being able to get them at your camp and you spend time with them, and you coach them." See Jimbo's full comments below, including the other things he and his staff are evaluating other than physical skills at the camps.