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Jimbo Fisher suggests that we've been brainwashed about SEC dominance


Before landing the head coaching job at Florida State, Jimbo Fisher spent time as an coordinator in both the SEC (LSU and Auburn) and the old Big East Conference (Cincinnati).

Conference dominance certainly seems to evolve and change hands over the years, and we've all been firsthand witnesses the the SEC's dominance recently.

At one point this season, the SEC West was notoriously 28-0 against non-conference foes. They've won seven out of the last eight national titles, with Jimbo's Florida State squad breaking the streak of seven in a row last season.

But ask Jimbo about that SEC bais, and he'll go full-blown conspiracy theorist and argue that you've been brainwashed.

“I’ll say this as much as anybody: I’ve been in both leagues. I’ve been in both leagues for an extensive number of years, at the top levels of both leagues." he said in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

“Perception, it is driven home out there. It’s amazing how you can brainwash somebody. “If you’re not careful in this country, you won’t think for yourself. If you listen to news all the time, they’ll tell you what to think, how to think and why you do things. That’s why you have to make your own mind up, trust your own eyes and do it.”

"The top teams in both leagues are very similar. Top to bottom, I mean, I think we stack up. But I think they’ve got a great league of football. I think the SEC is some wonderful football. But look at the records of certain divisions; I think there is a lot of parity throughout it, if you want to tell the truth about it.”

I have to think that every coach in the country thinks that their conference is underrated to some degree, but I don't think those same coaches would suggest that we've all been brainwashed.

As long as Jimbo takes care of business Saturday at 8pm EST against Paul Johnson and Georgia Tech, he'll get a chance to prove that opinion in the first ever college football playoff.

A second straight national title would go a long way in proving that "brainwashed" theory.

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