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Jimbo's message to Jameis Winston after the Notre Dame win: "Humble pie."

Florida State accomplished the near impossible over recent weeks - they turned Notre Dame into the nation's underdog. Jameis Winston has not handled the spotlight well since winning the Heisman Trophy - an understatement on the level of "the sun is hot" - and turned Florida State into college football's new evil empire. Immediately following FSU's 31-27 thriller over Notre Dame, Jimbo Fisher reminded Winston of the situation in a nice moment between head coach and quarterback.

Of course, that entire situation is a series of self-inflicted wounds for Florida State. Want to see a real feel good story to come out of the Seminoles' locker room?

Offensive line coach Rick Trickett missed Saturday night's game due to a health concern. Here's how his linemen represented Trickett in his absence.