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JJ Watt shares some social media advice for high school athletes

Down at the Gatorade Athlete of the Year function in Southern California, Houston Texans defensive end JJ Watt (who took home the 2015 Gatorade Athlete of the Year award) caught up with MaxPreps for a quality interview and dropped a few nuggets for high school athletes worth sharing.

With some of the nation's best high school athletes in attendance being honored, Watt offered this piece of valuable advice:

"Don't ever be satisfied. Tonight is a great night - and it's unbelievable what you've accomplished, and you should enjoy that - but don't let tonight be the highlight of your career. Go out there every single day and try to be better. Push yourself even further. You have such a high starting point, that the things that you can accomplish can be incredible, if you're willing to put in the work."

When it comes to social media, Watt's advice to high school athletes is to "read each tweet about 95 times before sending it. Look at every Instagram post about 95 times before you send it. A reputation takes years, and years, and years to build, and it takes one press of a button to ruin. So don't let that happen to you. Just be very smart about it."

Watt also shared that his greatest high school memories were the ones that he made with his friends before and after the games, at practices, and over breaks.

Already the undisputed king of this past off season, Watt always seems to deliver.

(H/T MaxPreps)