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Does responsibility fall on the coaches or players to be mentally prepared for games?

As a coach, I have always been fascinated with how different programs and coaches prepare their players mentally for the game ahead. Do they give a rousing pre game speech and then storm out of the locker room, or do they leave the players in the locker rooms to themselves - perhaps with some music to get their minds right.

After the Spurs lost to the Bulls last night 95-91 in Chicago, head coach Gregg Popovich was asked if he feels personally responsible that the team wasn't motivated to play mentally from the start.

Granted, high school and even college athletes are much different animals than professionals being paid millions of dollars annually, but Popovich's response was absolutely perfect.

"I don't remember playing tonight," Pop said after a short pause. "I didn't play. Guys get a lot of money to be ready to play."

"No Knute Rockne speeches. It's your job. If you're a plumber and you don't do your job, you don't get any work. I don't think the plumber needs a pep talk. If a doctor botches operations, he's not a doctor anymore."

"If you're a basketball player, you come ready. It's called maturity. It's your job."

Gregg Popovich with a great response when asked it was his fault his players weren't motivated to play tonight

— gifdsports (@gifdsports) December 9, 2016