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Joe Maddon thinks there should be a Positive and a Negative Twitter

Joe Maddon may be the best coach -- err, manager -- in all of sports. He led the downtrodden Tampa Bay Rays to a World Series appearance in 2008 and is now on the brink of leading the Chicago Cubs to their first World Series crown in 108 years.

He may or may not be the best, but he's certainly the chillest. No one works the word "man" -- and not in the angry way Nick Saban says it -- into his quotes like Maddon. Think of him as baseball's version of Phil Jackson, except he's fully self-aware.

Following last night's Game 6 win over the Cleveland Indians, Maddon shared something that, in this election season, would surely receive across-the-aisle support from coaches and athletes alike should it reach a ballot.

"I really think there should be two forms of Twitter. There should be the positive form of Twitter and the negative form -- and you have to choose one. If you choose to be on Negative Twitter then you're not welcome on Positive Twitter -- ever. And there needs to be Twitter Police because there's so much negativity that's generated on a daily basis within our society that we have to do something about it."

One thing is certain: one of those versions will invite itself into @CubsJoeMadd and every other Cub's mentions depending on what happens tonight.