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Joe Moglia explains what two things his staff is "obsessed and fanatical" about

Joe Moglia's staff doesn't have two things that are standard to pretty much every team across every level of football: rules and goals.

Instead of rules, Moglia has a standard -- Be a Man. "A real man, a real woman, a real leader stands on their own two feet," he said at Sun Belt media days Monday. "They always treat others with dignity and respect, and you're going to live with the consequences of your actions."

Moglia's team also doesn't build toward goals, since goals aren't totally in your control. Instead, his Chanticleers play toward standards of their own.

"We can't control necessarily if we're going to win the game because we don't control the other team, but what we can control is whether or not we're going to maximize our potential," he said. "We are obsessed and fanatical about that and the elimination of mistakes. If we do that, I would expect us to be able to do relatively well during the span of the season, so the focus is on whether or not we're maximizing our potential and achieving it. You can win a game and not have lived up to your potential. You can lose a game and do a job that nobody else in the country could have done better than. That's what we're trying to achieve."