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Joe Moorhead asked about Rutgers' reported interest in him

Rutgers has a job opening and, while no one's saying they're definitively going to hire Joe Moorhead, there's enough there that both sides should strongly consider it. A report emerged this week that Rutgers is indeed considering Moorhead, and Moorhead was asked about it during an interview with Paul Finebaum on SEC Network.

"My entire focus is on what we need to do to be successful and compete against a very good LSU team and what we need to do to turn this into a championship program," Moorhead said.

Finebaum made a face and shook his head at that answer, saying, "That is clearly what we all describe as coach speak." He then pushed back, alluding to many of the points we wrote in our piece from last week.

"It's not something that's under consideration," Moorhead responded. "My focus is here at Mississippi State. This is where we want to be and this is what we're going to do."

It's at this point we must consider the context of this interview and Moorhead's answers. He's being interviewed on live television, wearing a Mississippi State hoodie, with dozens of Bulldog fans behind him and Davis Wade Stadium a couple hundred yards behind him. This is not WWE; no one expects him to rip off his shirt and reveal a Rutgers shirt underneath. That's simply not how these things are done, and all of Moorhead's answers should be viewed in that context.

Then, Finebaum's third and final question leads to the most interesting exchange in the entire clip:

Finebaum: "So, if your representatives got a call tomorrow from Rutgers and they called you, what would you say?"

Moorhead: "If they get a call then we'll deal with it then."

So, a possible move to Rutgers is not under consideration at this moment but could be in the future, if we're to read between Moorhead's lines.

As always, stay tuned to The Scoop for the latest coaching job information.