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Joe Moorhead to player: "Do you know your ring size? Well you better hurry up and find out..."

As soon as Joe Moorhead got off the plane in Starkville, he was already dripping with swagger and confidence.

Case in point: his first interaction with a few players.

After a brief introduction to three guys, Moorhead asks to see the hand of one of the players, and then asks "Do you know your ring size?"

The question clearly puzzles the guys for a second before it clicks and they realize what he's saying...

 via @HailStateFB

via @HailStateFB

You can see the full exchange, including audio, from another angle here.

Not often you see that kind of confidence and swagger for a head coach getting his feet on the ground in his new home for the first time, and I've gotta say I dig it. Remember, #ItJustMeansMore in the SEC. Moorhead spent the rest of his first night in Starkville giving out free cheese fries and meeting students.