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Jon Gruden made a smoothie on MNF last night, and Twitter couldn't help itself

Granted, last night's game between the Eagles and Panthers was far from exciting, but I don't think anyone expected to watch Jon Gruden and Mike Tirico make a smoothie together during the game.

While attempting to explain the benefits that fresh made smoothies have been giving to Chip Kelly's players, Gruden and Tirico also decided to provide a look at the making and ingredients of the smoothies, which included "Chuckie's Protein Powder," a large bundle of grapes (stems included), a banana (insert "Spider 2Y Banana" play call joke here), and a cored pineapple.


The face that Gruden made while peeling the banana looks like the same face he'd give when his team would recover a surprise onside kick.

Of course, folks on Twitter (including the Faux Gruden account and Diamondbacks pitcher Daniel Hudson) couldn't stay away from the opportunity to have some fun with the odd moment.