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John Harbaugh reads powerful text on racial injustice he received from his father

While John Harbaugh leads the Ravens amidst racial tension in the country, and Jim Harbaugh does the same at Michigan, both guys have the unique experience of being able to lean on their father, Jack - a college coaching veteran who led programs at Western Michigan and Western Kentucky - for advice in all sorts of areas.

The issues we're currently facing as a country are no exception, and Jack weighed in with some important perspective recently for his eldest coaching son.

On the morning that the Ravens released their statement about continued racial discrimination and specific steps of action that they plan to take as an organization - a statement that has been nearly universally applauded for it's specific nature - John got a text from his father after recently talking about his father's experience coaching in the 70's when America was going through so many changes, and how it relates to today.

That text from Jack contained an outstanding message. One so powerful in fact, that Harbaugh decided to read it verbatim for reporters the other day.

"Really love how you wove the 70's and today into the discussion. I haven't thought about the similarities of the times, making rooming lists, and in 1973 both Ohio State and Michigan started black quarterbacks. Teams having community boycotts, player protests, teams making facial hair and hairstyle exceptions."

"It seems like we've come so far, yet there is so much work to be done. Sadly, I don't remember a time where I talked to my players about what was happening. Why? I don't know. That's the difference. Your meeting and the open dialogue, an honest dialogue with no agenda and a sincere desire to understand each other. Of all the positive things achieved back in the 70's, we never talked openly to each other."

"The key to getting over the finish line is open, honest, and unfettered communication."

John says he texted his dad back, "Wow Dad. This is so right. Pure gold"

See the full moment in the clip below.