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Jordan McNair's father calls for DJ Durkin to be fired

With the investigation into the death of former Terp Jordan McNair ongoing, as well as an investigation into the damning ESPN allegations aimed at DJ Durkin and his staff, it had been assumed coming out of yesterday's press conference that it might be weeks before we know Maryland's plans for DJ Durkin's future with the University.

Tuesday the University accepted legal and moral responsibility for McNair's death and admitted that the situation was not handled properly by the training staff during a presser; but both the President of the University and the Athletic Director seemingly went out of their way to not say anything negative about Durkin or his coaching staff. Combine this with the fact that the University gave head strength coach Rick Court a full release and paid him over $300,000 to step down, there are many who would read those facts and believe Durkin had a pretty good chance of remaining the head coach of the Terps going forward.

This morning, ABC News did an exclusive interview with the parents of Jordan McNair and they shared some strong words on what they think should happen to Durkin.

Asked by Michael Strahan if they thought DJ Durkin should resign, they responded "Yes. Absolutely. He shouldn't be able to work with anyone else's kid."

See the full interview and response from the McNair family below.

In advance of this interview; but possibly in connection with it, last night, the University announced Maryland's board would be holding a meeting tomorrow regarding the "appointment, employment, assignment, promotion, discipline, demotion, compensation, removal, resignation, or performance evaluation of appointees, employees, or officials over whom it has jurisdiction.”

Is this interview a tipping point with regards to DJ Durkin's future as the head coach of the Terps? Unless the investigation fully clears Durkin; it might be hard to overcome the "court of public opinion" now that Mr. McNair has called for Durkin to never coach again. Imagine how this could be used on the recruiting trail and in the community.

Whereas before it seemed that if the investigation cleared Durkin of wrongdoing he likely would return as head coach; now, one has to wonder if the Board at Maryland might not just decide that regardless of what the investigation finds, that it is in the best interest of the University of Maryland to move on from this staff.

Update: In a subsequent interview with ESPN, once again Mr. McNair calls for Durkin to be fired.