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Josh Heupel's new deal includes $1 million raise

Details of Heupel's reward for progress shown in his debut season include $1 million raise and raises and extensions for coordinators and assistants.

Josh Heupel's quick progress last year leading to the Vols to a 7-6 debut season in Knoxville prompted a reworking of his contract this off season.

His new amended contract runs through January 31, 2028 with a guaranteed salary of $5 million per year, per Brent Hubbs of On3. Heupel earned about $4 million last fall.

In the SEC, that new salary would rank him 11th out of the 14 head coaches with Nick Saban and Kirby smart leading the pack with fresh new deals that put them among the highest paid coaches in the country..

If Heupel were to leave before December 15th, 2023, he would owe Tennessee $8 million. The buyout drops $2 million per year after that.

Incentives of the new deal reportedly include:

- $100k for making a bowl game
- $500k for a national title
- $50k for finishing in the Top 25
- $100 for finishing in the Top 10
- $150k for finishing in the Top 5

The success also sparked new deals for his coordinators.

Following raises and one-year extensions after last season, both offensive coordinator Alex Golesh and defensive coordinator Tim Banks are signed to three-year deals that now expire in January 2025. Golesh will nearly double his salary from $750k to $1.2 million and Banks will make $1.5 million after earning $1.4 million last year.

Salary pool for the assistant coaches rose to just over $6.85 million with some of the raises and extensions for the other assistants heading into this fall.

New salaries for the rest of the staff are as follows:

Mike Ekeler (STC) - $475k after making $350k last fall
Glen Elerbee (OL) - $800k after making $750k last fall
Rodney Garner (DL) - $700k after making $550k last fall
Joey Halzle (QBs) - $400k after making $350k last fall
Brian Jean-Mary (LBs) - $590k after making $550k last fall
Jerry Mack (RBs) - $425k after making $400k last fall
Willie Martinez (DBs) - $465k after making $425k last fall
Kurt Smidt (S&C) - $400k after making $375k last fall.

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