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Justin Fuente is taking an alternate approach to satellite camps: "I'm not interested in having 800 kids at a camp..."

Justin Fuente

There were more than a few office celebrations last week when when news hit the wire that the NCAA had overturned the satellite camp ban. For a lot of staffs that meant proceeding with their plans to hold camps locally, and then travel to camps in hot recruiting areas in order to evaluate as many kids as possible, while also advertising the heck out of them to get as many kids attending as possible.

While it's safe to say that most coaches are using that approach, or something similar, Justin Fuente has a different outlook on how they will attack satellite camps at Virginia Tech.

"I'm not interested in having 800 kids at a camp," Fuente told The Key Play. "Those camps are evaluation camps and if you get too many people there, you can't do a good job. You can't staff it, you don't have field space."

"We're excited to do it, and we're gonna do it, but it probably won't be as public as everybody else."

See the full quote from Fuente in the tweet below.

Translation: Don't expect to see Fuente and Virginia Tech go as public about their travel plans as Jim Harbaugh has in Ann Arbor.

Fuente went on to note that while getting the opportunity to evaluate a ton of players is the reason everyone does satellite camps, the Hokies are going to be focused on quality over quantity for now.

"You do it to evaluate players, that's why everybody does it. We'll just try to do our best, but it's open, there are no secrets anymore. We'll try to do our best to keep the numbers down."

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