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Justin Fuente provides a refreshingly honest perspective on the coaching carousel


On Saturday, with their victory over American Conference opponent UConn, Memphis wrapped up their first conference title in 40 years.

Justin Fuente has done an incredible job with the Tigers, transforming them from a team that recorded just 1 FBS win prior to his arrival, to a four-win team in year one, and now boast nine wins just two seasons later.

The rapid success has catapulted Fuente's name into the conversation for much bigger jobs, and instead of addressing the newfound attention and rumors with typical "coach speak," Fuente had a rather refreshing take worth sharing.

As the old coaching adage goes; you're either being talked about for other jobs, or talked about being fired from your current one. In this case, it's just nice to see a coach talk about his name circulating for other jobs as a real person, instead of churning out robotic answers.