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Kansas poured $2 million into renovating their outdated locker room and the new one is "insane"

The locker room facility at Kansas underwent some MAJOR upgrades thanks to some generous donors, and players were blown away at the transformation from an outdated locker room, to a much more modern look.

"This is just insane. This is much nicer than I even expected it to be," Joe Dinnen, a junior linebacker said after seeing the new locker room for the first time.

In addition to the usual stuff found on a player's name plate section on the locker, Kansas players also have their Twitter accounts proudly displayed, which is a nice touch. The new lockers also include plenty of storage, USB chargers in the locker, and air filters for shoes and shoulder pads. One player noted how something like that is a much appreciated addition because they'll no longer have to take their shoes outside to air out between practices.

The new locker room also includes a new players lounge that includes shuffleboard, foosball, air hockey, arcade games, barber shop, three 4k TVs, gaming systems and pop-a-shot The total remodel project cost KU about $2 million.

"This is another big step in the process of becoming a consistent winner in college football. I could not be more pleased with the locker room and lounge we were able to give our players today. It is phenomenal," David Beaty said in the official release.

After seeing the new digs, players were able to sit down and have lunch and show their appreciation with some of the major donors that made the dream become a reality. The donors were in attendance when players got their first view of the locker room, and that seeing their reaction had to be priceless.

Check out the locker room in the video: