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Kansas is about to sink $300 million into its facilities

The worm appears to have turned at Kansas. At least that was the signal when this happened.

On Wednesday, Kansas AD Sheahon Zenger announced a major investment into the program's facilities, a commitment to get the Jayhawks out of the Big 12 cellar for good.

“I’m going to say this quick and then be done with it. In three weeks, we will have the renderings for a new stadium,” Zenger said at a fundraising event in Kansas City, via “The numbers will approach around $300 million dollars.”

Topping the list are a brand new indoor facilities and, of course, a renovation to Memorial Stadium.

The 50,000-seat structure was built in 1921 and has not been undergone a major renovation since 1998.

"The stuff we’re going to do first is like I talked about, things that we should’ve had 10 years ago,” Zenger said. “At the top of the list is an indoor facility. So as we begin the stadium, we’re going to start with an indoor facility. We’re going to do things that will help young guys on the field."

The $300 million investment was also a reaffirmation of Kansas's commitment to David Beaty, Zenger said. Beaty approved.

“It’s exciting for me because it’s a great time to be at KU,” Beaty said. “I mean (Zenger) has done so much here. For him to clear the deck and kind of make room for football right now, and he’s a football guy at heart, knowing our fans deserve a really nice stadium.

"It’s a fan experience nowadays, and we want these people to be comfortable and really enjoy their time there."