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Kendal Briles contract details at Florida State

Kendal Briles officially left Houston for the Florida State offensive coordinator opportunity back in late December, and once it was executed it put the finishing touches on one of the worst kept secrets of this past off season.

Florida State released the details of Briles contract yesterday evening, and Tomahawk Nation peeled back the curtain on some of the more interesting details in it.

First off, Briles is set to make $1 million annually on a three-year deal stretching from January 1, 2019 to February 28, 2022. $200,000 of that cool million dollar salary is coming from Florida State, and the remaining $800,000 coming from the Seminole Boosters. Briles will also get a $20,000 sign on bonus to cover all "reasonable relocation expenses," as well as a pretty standard $650 per month for a car allowance.

If Briles were to be fired without cause, he'd be due 85% of pay remaining on his contract, and the contract also stipulates that Florida State is covering Briles buyout from Houston as long as he stays for two full seasons, which totals $900k. In the event he were to leave before that, he'd owe $350k to Houston for his buyout.

If a head coaching opportunity, or a job in the NFL, comes along that fits Kendal and he decides to leave, he will owe no buyout to Florida State. However, if he were to leave for another offensive coordinator position with a college football program, he'd owe Florida State $500k.

Here is a link to the actual contract.