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Kentucky OC Eddie Gran's mask caused him to call a wrong play last weekend

Coaching with a mask on has been an adjustment for all of us, and most of us have had to rotate masks to find out what best works on gameday.

Add Kentucky offensive coordinator Eddie Gran to the list of coaches likely looking for a new mask setup after last weekend.

On Kentucky's first drive of the game, Gran called a run play that got stuffed for a loss. They took a sack on the next down and had to punt the ball away. Not the start that Mark Stoops or Gran envisioned on that first drive.

“We can chuckle about it now but I promise you it wasn’t funny at the time," Stoops shared.

Come to find out, a mask related mishap was to blame.

"We had a miscommunication on, I want to say, the second play of the game when Eddie’s glasses...he was so hyped up. He had that mask on, and his glasses got all fogged up and he called a formation wrong. He called a play wrong. He felt so bad because he could not see his play chart, so that put us in 3rd-and-long early.”

Kentucky was able overcome the blunder and win, snapping a 17-game road losing streak in Knoxville to the Vols with a 34-7 win. The Wildcats returned two interceptions for touchdowns to mark a dominant defensive effort, and have racked up 10 turnovers in the past two games now.

See Stoops explain a bit more about what took place with Gran in the clip.