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Kevin Durant's MVP speech can make every one of us better

Kevin Durant will not turn 26 years old until September, but his 25 minutes behind the microphone Tuesday proves he has wisdom most people twice his age don't posses.

Durant was named the NBA's Most Valuable Player on Tuesday for his supernatural ability to score the basketball. His 32 points per game led the league for the fifth consecutive year. He hit nearly 55 percent of his 2-point shots, nearly 40 percent of his 3-pointers and 87 percent of his free throws, on top of averaging nearly seven rebounds and a career best five assists per game. 

In accepting the award as planet Earth's best basketball player, Durant doled out credit like Magic Johnson in his prime.

Whether it be rookie Steven Adams or 78-year-old Derek Fisher, long-time running buddy Russell Westbrook or newcomer Caron Butler, Durant was moved to tears talking about each and every one of his teammates. And he did speak about each and every one of them, pointing out specifically what unique trait each player added to the group and inspired Durant to be better. Durant doesn't just lead the Oklahoma City Thunder by hoisting 20 shots a night, he picks up the entire franchise on his back daily. There's real commitment here. 

I could pick out bits and pieces that touched me the most but, truly, these 25-plus minutes are like a great steak. Each bite deserves to be savored. 

Take a day off telling your players about selflessness, humility and true leadership, and allow the NBA's MVP to show them what it means.

(Spoiler alert: you may want to watch the final three minutes - when Durant thanks his single mother - alone in your office. Trust me.)