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Kevin Sumlin takes to Twitter: "You just lost your job!"


Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin is having quite the week, and it's only Tuesday.

It all started on Sunday, when he noted that hires for his three vacant positions (offensive line, receivers, and defensive coordinator) should be official at some point this week. Then yesterday, the Aggies battled West Virginia in the Liberty Bowl, escaping with a 45-37 victory.

At halftime, Sumlin had to address an unfortunate sideline incident regarding one of his student assistants. While there's no sense in beating that issue to death any more than it already has been, I will add that I feel like Sumlin handled the situation admirably, considering the circumstances.

Then, just when you thought things couldn't get any more interesting regarding Sumlin, this happens.

Yep, looks like Sumlin just fired his pool boy using Twitter. How funny is that?

...You never really know who is checking your Twitter timeline.