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The key to finding a good work-life balance lies in four P's

In all jobs, finding a successful work-life balance is vital. Coaches around the country are notorious for struggling with this concept with a plate that's constantly full with game planning, practice, recruiting, watching film, and trying to be a significant other, and in many cases, a father as well.

It can be a lot to juggle. The best ones carve out their own unique way, while others get burnt out trying to figure it out and decide to step away from the game, and then there's the unfortunate handful that end up developing health issues.

Today, I came across this article from the Harvard Business Review that hands out an assessment titled: Can You Handle the Increased Workload of Being a Modern Leader?

In the piece, author Amy Jen Su lays out the four P's of maximizing your time; Planning, People, Priorities, and being Present.

Jen Su then adds:

"Doing this will help you shift from feeling unsettled and exhausted to working smarter, being more present, and spending time on the things that matter most. Focusing on these areas can improve your self-care (more breaks, sleep, and exercise), sense of purpose (more meaning and satisfaction), and leadership presence (showing up as your best self)."

The article also includes 24 questions to help you do a self assessment that of how you're doing on the four P's, so head here to read the whole thing and answer the questions to see where you stand.