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Kingsbury is willing to go great lengths, including 'selling his soul', for good practices

Kliff Kingsbury will go to the end of the earth searching for ways to have a great practice. That may include anything from a dance off to a fun practice competition, to just some normal light-hearted pre practice fun with his players.

Kingsbury told Dan Le Batard's radio show last night that he's even willing to sell his soul...or just hire some hot bottle girls to serve ice cream

As spring practice wrapped up, Kingsbury had a dance off with his players that set Twitter, and the internet, on fire, when asked about that on the radio show last night, Kingsbury explained;

"I let them know I can still break it down every now and then. It was the last day of spring ball, and I knew it had the potential to be terrible..that's just how spring ball goes. The spring game was two days away, so I knew we had to do something to 'turn it up'. So I did that, and I guess people appreciated that."

"I’ll pretty much sell my soul to have a good practice. I’m not above anything.” Kingsbury noted. "I will sell out to have a good practice. Whatever it takes.”

Then one of the show hosts tried to get an idea for the craziest thing that Kingsbury had ever done at a practice, and that's when the hot bottle girls came in.

"When we were at the University of Houston, we brought an ice cream truck, but we filled it with some girls from one of the clubs, the bottle girls." Kingsbury explained of his time as an assistant at Houston under Kevin Sumlin. "That was impressive. That was a good practice.”

Forget alternate uniforms and helmets, or playing time and deeply-rooted traditions, hot bottle service girls handing out ice cream and dance offs with the head coach may be the hottest new recruiting pitch out there to corner the market on.