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Kirby Smart and Georgia are using a pilot analogy to reset their program trajectory each week

Kirby Smart and his staff have a vision for how good Georgia can be this year, and with a critical few weeks coming up, they're spending Sundays and Mondays adjusting their course to make sure they're not even a single degree off from their destination.

After being tested in their opening game against Clemson (a 10-3 victory), Georgia and Kirby Smart have rolled with convincing wins over UAB, South Carolina, and Vanderbilt.

The Dawgs have three ranked SEC opponents over their next weeks, with two of them in the top 10, in a critical stretch to see what they're made of, and to further build their playoff resume.

Asked after their 62-0 drubbing of Clark Lea's rebuilding Vandy team about how their focus on playing to a standard instead of who their opponent happens to be that week has helped them stay focused heading into these next few weeks.

"The biggest emphasis for us has been this trajectory that we want to be on. We've talked for a long time about how we get to reset it."

"We use the analogy of 1 and 60. For every 1 degree you are off your target with your plane, every 60 miles you travel, you land one mile off course."

"So we've kind of said, if you're headed to LA, every 60 miles we travel, we could land 27 or 30 miles off target. We have a chance to correct that one degree, just one degree, we've got a chance to correct that every Sunday and Monday."

"If we go and correct that one degree off, and we get back on track, then we can hit our target. But if, at any point in time, we don't think that we need to correct that one or two degrees that we're off, we can get in trouble and miss our target. Our guys have really bought into that analogy of steering this plane in the right direction."

Hear more from Smart in the clip.