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Kirby Smart reportedly had Georgia players squatting 60% of their max as soon as they got home from the Rose Bowl

Just after the Super Bowl last year, a Patriots player shared that in the week leading up to the big game, Bill Belichick had players squatting 80% of their max. The approach drew both criticism and praise from coaches and fans around the country.

Regardless of how you feel about it personally, one thing you can't deny is the fact that it worked, helping to propel the Patriots to one of the most epic comebacks football has ever seen, while also on the game's biggest stage.

While a lot of coaches, including Mike Gundy are finding ways to practice shorter and be more efficient and creating toughness in their guys with that approach, there are also a few coaches coaches on the Belichick side of things as well.

According to a tweet that was being shared far and wide, Kirby had his players get in the squat rack as soon as they got home from their semifinal win over Oklahoma to help prove a point.

While there's no video or anything to back up the tweet, it's certainly something that many coaches would consider doing to get their message across.

If it's true, the approach is certainly interesting, and UGA went on to give Nick Saban and his Tide everything they could handle in an epic battle in the national title game.